Richmond Jewish Community Hub

About Us

Richmond Jewish Community Hub was created in 2018 to be an inclusive cultural centre for the Jewish community of South West London.

Based in Richmond Synagogue, RJCH brings a fresh wave of creativity and energy to the area.

Our Vision

Our vision is for the RJCH to be a hub of Jewish activity at the heart of the South West London Jewish Community. We seek to build an invigorated community infused with a fresh sense of unity and connected by strong Jewish values, a love for arts and culture, a passion for education, and a strong feeling of belonging.

Russian Russian, in English, in Richmond.
Russian poetry…in Russian, in English, in Richmond.
Our Role

RJCH provides programmes of outstanding activities, clubs, courses and vibrant events that serve the whole Jewish community, regardless of age, denomination or level of observance.

We do this by:

  • Reaching out to and building relationships with the diverse South West London Community
  • Listening to the kind of events that best serve this community and working to deliver on the needs identified
  • Acting as host to create a space where all feel welcome, appreciated, engaged and inspired.

RJCH Coordinator Iryna Mushkina


mobile: 07741801292


Facebook: @RJCHub

RJCH is grateful for the support of The United Synagogue Community Development Fund, without whose help this initiative would not have been possible.